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Here’s a thought: Your product has just shipped. You and your team have spent the last nine months putting together the best software out there. Admit it, you’re pretty proud. Then the phone rings ?it’s your biggest client and they’re asking if your software can do something you never even thought of. You take a deep breath and try to play it off by saying that that feature is slated for next release. The customer says “Hmm?

We’ve all been there. It doesn’t have to be that way ?not now. With AppCompanion, not only can you easily update your application without shipping an entirely new application, but your customers now have the tools to create their own solutions. With User Defined Forms, combined with User Defined Scripts, an end-user can now create their own solutions.


Provide your customers with the ability to customize your application’s user interface. Translate the user interface; move controls around to suit each user’s specific needs; hide sensitive fields; plus many, many more possibilities with InsideOut. More information soon to come...

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