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User Defined Forms - Your application can now provide the ability to extend your application with User Defined Forms.

Scripting - With our extensive public API, you can create, save and recall a script from your application. What a great way to give those power users the ability to extend your application. Through the API, you can also access and display a rich set of predesigned forms that your customers can use to create and launch User Defined Scripts.

Updates - Provide updates to your application without having to ship the entire new build. Simply add a few easy-to-use AppCompanion methods to your application, update the script database with the new scripts you wish to add, then ship the database. It’s as easy as that!

Staged Delivery - Provide for staged delivery of your software. As you need additional components added to your base application, use AppCompanion to launch their functionality.

Architecture - There are two pieces to AppCompanion: First, the design component is an ActiveX exe that enables your users to create new forms and scripts. You can use AppCompanion’s design component as a component called by your application or in standalone mode. The second component is the runtime component. The runtime component is an ActiveX dll that manages the runtime usage of forms and scripts created with the design component. AppCompanion’s components can be called from any application capable of launching a COM component.

No royalty fees - Ship AppCompanion’s runtime component with your product with no royalty fees.






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